Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing–0.2 Pounds Up

Oh, dear.

So there I was on Day 10 bored with the program but standing on the scale seeing results and finding new interest in it. But I’ve had too much alcohol and too many treats (two scoops of ice cream with sprinkles last night, for crying out loud!), and when today’s plans got derailed and no trips to the grocery store were made, and Husband came home not with a watch made of white gold but the suggestion that we go out to eat, who can say no? We found ourselves at Chili’s, and considering how things could have gone with the entourage it went extraordinarily well. But looking up nutrition information AFTER getting home is not the best way to make great choices. I still knew better, but dammit! I wanted that soup. And the soup/salad combo is always yummy. And because Fella and Filly were needing food, we got the basket of chips. Here are some shocking facts:

An entire basket of chips has 400 calories, with 36 grams of fat.
A bowl of Chicken Enchilada soup has 440 calories, with 27 grams of fat.

(Sit down.)

A side salad Caesar Salad has 520 calories, with 43 grams of fat.

Well, fuck me. I could happily have even a whole basket of chips with a cup of soup and spared myself the indignity of discovering that my greens today included 43 grams of fat. Happily. Add 80 calories per salsa cup and I still would have been better off than I am now–my Points Slider doesn’t even go that high! I knew Caesar Salad was bad, but come on! Come on! This is horrific. I have had a very bad eating week. I am two Flex Points in the hole without even counting the chips, and I have to get through all of tomorrow and Wednesday before making it official. I suppose a lot could happen in two days, and I could end up with a net loss, but I’ll be pissed even if I break even. I was so looking forward to bragging in my two forums about how much weight I’d lost the second week, and I had even fancied that I could have lost five pounds in two weeks.


They would say at a Weight Watchers meeting to not beat yourself up or write off the rest of the week, and I won’t. I’ll stick to the allotted points without bitching about it, and yadda yadda ladeedah, but I’m not going to like it. The benefit of not going to a meeting is that you can be as crabby as you like and I can crab with the best of them. In fact, now I can blame this salad for the dress at Target looking funny on me.

Such a cute dress on the hanger. So much weird bunching of fabric above the waist. Of course, it looks kinda funny on the model, too. But it’s such a shame about Target dresses in general… I always want them to fit better than they do. At least this one was cotton and not shiny and slippery and synthetic, although it would look even worse after a washing! So not the right time to be buying new clothes. I contented myself with a new hair clip instead, as well as some Oxyclean.

I’ll be a glutton for punishment and weigh myself first thing in the morning, after voiding the bladder of course. Maybe it won’t be so bad. I’ll drink tons of water tonight because I am thirsty, because of how salty all the food was, and maybe I can flush some of this extra liquid out of my system. Does the body really work like that? That fast?

Thank god Week 3 is when I can start “earning” points with movement. I’ll dangle my pedometer from my belt right next to the iPod. It’ll be a regular dorkfest. They’ll love me at the grocery store.

Curse you!

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