Day 10: Bored Already?

It’s not a good sign that I am on day 10 of Weight Watchers Lite and already bored with the program. It’s probably because it’s a Saturday. I’m not even that hungry. I mean, I am hungry in the way that you are hungry an hour before dinner, but I feel like rebelling against something. I have absolutely nothing to rebel against, though. I am sort of procrastinating about going upstairs to start cleaning out crap but eating wouldn’t really make me feel better because I just spent a while cleaning up the kitchen. Who wants to do that twice? Plus there’s nothing specific I want.

I feel bad, too, for blowing so many extra points last night eating and drinking for the sole purpose of punishing Husband, who was loudly recording his podcast and disrupting my ability to watch Battlestar Galactica or any of the other programs I have on the computer. But last night I really did want a quesadilla, and the salsa was very, very good. And I’m only 14 Flex points in the hole, which is a lot for two days into my week but not so bad considering. It’s so easy to eat like that all the time, because Mexican food is so yummy. Thankfully, I gots the DC to get me through the hard times.

If there were a sushi bar downstairs I’d eat a lot of that, but that’s sort of a universal given. I resolved only to weigh myself once a week, but for thrills I did get on the scale. Up from Thursday! How can that be? So this time I tried it without jeans and a belt. Turns out my jeans and belt weigh 1.8 pounds and I am down 0.6 pounds in two days, despite my mini-binge. That was a fun little motivator. Must. Look. Fabulous. Will. Look. Fabulous.

Walking. To. Fridge.


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