Are Men Necessary?: When Sexes Collide

By Maureen Dowd

I learned nothing from this book because it says nothing. Well, nothing else besides how many names she has and what all of her friends and coworkers think about stuff. I’m not sure how the chapters are organized or what the actual point of the book is. It’s a ramble, pure and simple. Not only that, it’s a ramble that refers only to news articles (without ever citing specific dates or titles) from 2005. She makes her points from movies like <i>Mean Girls</i> (2004) and <i>Million Dollar Baby</i> (2004) with one-line references to characters and scenes. Martha Stewart, whose name comes up a lot, went to jail in 2004. She uses <i>Entourage</i> (2004) to make some points. She refers to science from 2005 (without giving names, universities, or journal titles).

When, might you ask, was this book published? 2005.

I just can’t take it. So dating is stressful and men talk about shoe shopping at the office. Comments like that are in sequential paragraphs. I am dropping this book at page 111. What on earth does a designer clothing store in Paris closing before Oprah could finish shopping have to do with Condoleeza Rice? And how on earth were decisions made for breaking this book into chapters? The first chapter is 70 pages long in a 350-page book. The second chapter is 17. Willy-nilly decisions like that just add to difficulty of finding a point.

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