Retroactive Blogging

Two brief comments by two people about how I am awesome and should be blogging more have given me new resolve! But it wasn’t until I was updating my Goodreads profile that I realized I was abusing that system: I haven’t been reviewing the books, which is my duty in exchange for their server space, as much as I have been pontificating upon them. In effect, I’ve been book blogging. In an effort to look more productive than I have been, and to put off the need to write anything creative today (and therefore take advantage of working without actually having to work), I am going to transfer my posts from there to here!

Then I’ll be really obnoxious. I am going to KEEP posting there, and duplicate them here, and hog up twice as much bandwidth and server space than necessary. Chalk it up to my overdeveloped sense of entitlement. Anyway, I was INVITED to join GoodReads. They asked for it.

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