Kickass Spreadsheet

You know things are in a bad way when the felt on the chair legs is too sticky and disgusting to let the chair slide across the floor. Also, I need to brush up on my typing skills; I can’t believe how sloppy I’ve gotten! I’ve dropped entirely the pinkies as inputers. Finally, I really am fed up with the baby weight. I tried going back to Weight Watchers last year but I hated the meeting times, I hated the meeting room, I hated the folding chairs, I hated the line, and everyone else sort of hated me bringing my entourage. So I bought a bathroom scale and made a kickass spreadsheet with formulae to calculate points eaten, earned, carried over, et cetera. I spent a lot of time on this kickass spreadsheet, but I was killing time the other night waiting for Fella to wake up for dinner at 1:00 AM. I could have kept track of my points and my food on paper for a year and the single-digit arithmetic effort would not have exceeded the effort I put into this kickass spreadsheet, but then I wouldn’t have a kickass spreadsheet to write about.

I have acquired many nasty new habits since July 2007, but I have also learned that a membership to the county library system gets me checking out privileges at the local universities. SCORE! Our neighbor dropped the price of her house by $150K. Not that we wanted to move, not really, but it’s sort of depressing. I wigged out over some architectural fantasy for our big bedroom upstairs but then reconciled myself to a temporary partition because it is less work and less money and I really just want my office back upstairs. I have started a container garden that is experiencing indifferent success. I have discovered LOLCats. I have bitched about an expensive gym membership that was given to me and I have listened to many, man podcasts. Clearly I should have been writing about such things this past year instead of squandering my words on forum discussion boards! Good thing that online TV is starting to bore me… now I have another outlet for complaint.

So, yeah, those are the highlights of the past year. Did I mention that I made a kickass spreadsheet?

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