Blogging Is Boring

John and Ken of the John and Ken Show on KFI 640 made me a little ashamed of the zeal with which I started this blog. They were ranting not about everyone’s innate desire to be famous but rather the technology that enables everyone to act as if they were. (They mentioned reality TV and YouTube specifically.) It’s true. I’m not nearly as interesting as I think. I also am not really committed to posting daily… although I am interested enough to employ a tip from blogging masters about providing links in your blog to improve traffic. But I was doing real work for money the other day (and thus was legitimately surfing the Web) and found that blogs can be brilliant in their brevity (as well as annoying in their alliterativeness):

Uri Geller Is a Ridiculous Fraud

Perhaps it was the late hour or perhaps it was just my judgmental streak (that part of my psyche that likes to judge others), but I found this magnificent. So magnificent, in fact, that I actually emailed the blog author to tell him so. I have read no other pages on his blog and we have no relationship beyond this brief cyberlude, so when I say it is magnificent you know that it is

I intended merely to link to this blog and be done with it, but my sense of self-importance and the delusion that what I say is of interest to others compels me to keep typing. But YouTube is a perfect example of this phenomenon, I have discovered recently…

A few weeks ago, the Little Fella saw an illustration of a banjo in the night-time book, Hush Little Baby by Sylvia Long. The mother rabbit is shown with the banjo in her lap, and then on the next page, the banjo is propped up next to a dresser. That was all it took to start a first-class banjo obsession. Everything’s about the banjo. I found some QuickTime banjo clips online that we listened to for a few days, and then I got really clever and looked them up on YouTube. That did it. Every time he sees the computer, now, we have to watch banjo video. Fortunately, there are nearly twenty thousand of them, because every yahoo with a banjo and a video camera and a folding chair has posted video of himself playing the banjo, with varying degrees of skill. It’s amazing. The only time I’d ever visited YouTube was to see funny clips from television shows or film school projects–I hadn’t really thought about what the name meant. (It means that “you,” an ordinary joe, can be on television, referred to in this case as “the tube,” which refers to the part of a television set called the cathode ray tube.)

We’ve seen a lot of bad banjo playing these past few weeks, but we’ve also seen some real gems. These are my current favorites, only partly because they are long enough to wash two dishes while the Little Fella watches them:

George Formby Sings One of Those Charming Songs from the 1940s that Is about Promiscuous Sex but Seems Like It’s about Rainbows and Puppies

Disturbing, Yet Hilarious and Compelling, Photo Montage

A Couple of Guys with Odd Video Effects Thrust upon Their Performance

OK, I don’t let the Little Fella watch the photo montage.

I think that’s all I have to say about that. I do think it’s funny, though, that I can overhear my neighbors talking about how another neighbor has violated their privacy. There was a big HOA shakedown last month, and the neighbor who I heard talking was the former president who declined to run again. It got downright nasty (because no one ever really graduates from high school and everyone keeps acting like they are fighting for the good table on the quad) but the right people were elected for the new board, no thanks to me. Naptimes interfered with my ability to take two children and a stroller up ten flights of stairs and across landscaping to get to the clubhouse where the votes were being cast. So what can you do? I promise not to complain.

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  • Brian  On August 30, 2007 at 5:00 pm

    “They were ranting not about everyone’s innate desire to be famous but rather the technology that enables everyone to act as if they were.”

    So said a couple of guys who think they’re famous because they’re on the radio even though 99.94 percent of the world has never heard of them. Seriously, there’s a nugget of truth to what they say, but I find their tone condescending so to hell with them.

    Oh and nice blog. Very literate.

  • Anque  On July 11, 2008 at 9:15 am

    Ditto to what Brian said and also, why aren’t you blogging anymore?

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