Like Athena from Zeus’s Head

How nice to be able to transplant blog posts from MySpace over to here and make it seem like I’ve been writing at WordPress all along! It’s like being told that the CAT scan revealed that what doctors feared was a brain tumor is just a teeny tiny Olympic Goddess waiting to be born. Who doesn’t want to incubate a Greek Goddess? Not me!

So I am now an official blog entreprenuer. MySpace gave me lots of practice and a guaranteed audience (of maybe two people, but still), but now I am out on my own, doing my own marketing, drumming up my own clientele, taking all the risks and reaping all the rewards of having a cyberlog. Or weblog. Or whatever the original two words were.

Question. Can I make this interesting enough to come up on Google searches?

Question. Should I send a link to my friends?

Question. Should I blog topless every time? I know it’s Pantless Friday but is this taking things too far?

Only you, General Public, can provide the answers to these questions. I look to you for counsel, advice, and comments. Because I am of course obsessed with feedback. Like Angela Martin, I savor being judged.

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