Fabulous Prizes at Northern Attack!

I am posting up a storm today, or until the novelty of having a blog wears off. My street in Happysmiley Town is hosting a neighborhood contest for fans of the American television show, The Office. We are in the second week of an eight-week contest, and it is not too late to play. We are competing for fabulous prizes. Visit http://forums.northernattack.com for details. They are “stickied” threads at the top of the page; “Hiatus Entertainus” has general rules and chatter about the contest, including how to vote, and the weekly challenges have their own threads. Lest you think you are too late, participants’ lowest weekly scores are thrown out during judging so it won’t matter that you’ve missed the first week. But the deadlines for entries is Sunday night (the 17th) at midnight Pacific (-8 from UTC). You must be a member to join or vote, but nothing bad or annoying will happen to you or your email account if you become a member. It is the classiest place in Happysmiley Town that I have ever visited, and I consider myself lucky to live there.

Be warned, though. I am competing. But I am also contributing a prize. Perhaps that will turn out to be some kind of zero-sum game. I’ll have to think about the math for that.

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