“I Didn’t Go to Med School for Nothing”

Mari and I enthusiastically agree that we both hate the Yaz birth control pill commercial that invents (and then solves) the problem of PMDD (a disorder I can’t remember the name of even though I’ve seen the damn thing a hundred times; yes, I watch a lot of Lifetime).

Why does the hot clubbing she-doctor go on and on and on? It’s not going to attract guys, which is clearly why she and her friends are at the bar. The friend who doesn’t suffer from PMDD, or at least not so badly that she becomes regularly unfit for society, doesn’t care. If she cared about how Yaz could hurt her liver or whether or not it should influence her decision to smoke or not (depending on her age), she would have asked her own doctor or asked her doctor friend at lunch or on the phone or by email or through some channel in which the chances of actually hearing the answer are greater. The friend who is actually on Yaz already discussed the treatment and possible side effects and doesn’t need to hear it again, and really doesn’t need to hear it on what is clearly the first big night out of her newly healthy life.

Clearly the writers and directors of this commercial have never been hot clubbing she-doctors or else they wouldn’t portray hot clubbing she-doctors in such an unflattering light.

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