Best. Book Club. Ever.

What can I say? We had:

* All members–plus Husband
* Artichoke hearts on the pizza
* Miniature cupcakes
* A greyhound
* A little four-pound lap dog whose breed I forget
* The Little Fella and dancing feet
* The Little Filly
* Enough chairs
* Good conversation
* and a Tom party to look forward to at the end of the month!

All in all, ideal. Plus it inspired me to dust the living room, even if we still ended up hovering around the kitchen table. Puff made an entrance to meet the little dog, and tolerated it, but she had to be carried down. Sophie was frightened at first, then snoozed in her swing, then got fed by Carrie, and then Carrie changed her diaper, and then she was all smiles and cheer, until the end, when she lost it again. Also, Isaac identified several of the letters in “Chianti” and debuted the word “cow.” He even used the word “please” as he walked around the table, begging like a dog for bits from everyone’s plates. Good times.

So Wes will be invited to Tom’s party. Note to self: Bring ingredients for mojitos. I’m finally going to have one! I wonder if it will be my new thing.

I was in a book club once in Happysmiley Town that didn’t last more than two meetings. My real-life book club is the best!

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