How Quickly We Forget

Because I am too tired these days to work after 9:00 PM (especially when I haven’t had a single nap!) but too lazy to get up from the chair and put the laptop away, I find myself screwing around on the Internet again. This time I ended up rewatching the video of the Little Fella playing the piano, which led me to watch all the videos, which took me to my MySpace blog history, where I discovered that I’d read a book called Beggars in Spain that was completely unfamiliar to me. I looked it up on Amazon and snatches of it are coming back, thanks to the Publisher’s Weekly summary on the information page.

Either I am reading too much, I am reading too fast, or some things are too forgettable. I like to go with the latter, but that puts the blame on the author, who actually got his or her ass off the comfy chair, completed a novel, and found a publisher. Probably did some kind of publicity tour, too.

My husband wanted to give me my birthday present early but I declined unless it came with cookies. I even got the cookie ingredients out of the cupboard but he didn’t get the hint. Too bad. Then he went and killed the ice cream, but that’s fair because I have eaten way more than my fair share of it, including a refill on my bowl last night. Amazingly, I don’t actually want sweets right now. Well, I still wish I had cookies. Too lazy to get off the comfy chair limits my ability to make them for myself.

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