How Could I Forget?

It’s thanks to my Office forum friends that I am posting a new blog after months and months. For a long time, that’s been the only show on television I’ve been watching–effort, timing, overused VCR cassette that adds a hissing sound to everything I try to tape (I know there are new cassettes available for sale still somewhere), but last year Richard and I were quite into Lost. We’d been watching it on DVD the entire first two seasons at a time, and it was wonderful. But when I tried to watch it last autumn, I couldn’t manage to get it going. Partly I can blame the Fella… he figured out how to press buttons on remotes right around then and the episodes we were taping were taped with Spanish audio. Then we tried to watch them on at four frames a second and couldn’t take it. My mother has been DVRing them all year but so much else comes up on her wonderful, wonderful cable menu that it just wasn’t a priority.

Officer Dennis calls today to remind me that Lost was resuming tonight. So I made an attempt to “catch up” on the online episodes, and when I’m sitting on a couch with a laptop with potato chips and husband isn’t complaining about the video quality, it’s quite a cozy viewing experience. (He’s downstairs on the new, better computer watching some libertarian film called “From Freedom to Fascism” that his friend recommended. I just can’t sit down and do that. His friend, by the way, is actually participating in the Free State Project in New Hampshire. You know–live free or die? Well, some guy is setting up to test that by refusing to pay income taxes and everyone expects it to go all Waco. It’s horrible. I wonder what will actually happen. But enough of that side note…)

The moral of the story is that I can’t believe I forgot how smoking hot Sawyer and Jin and Sayid are. My god. I remembered that I used to know, but it hit me in the gut when I actually saw them again. And I’m not usually the type to fall for the celebrity! And that guy Henry who’s name isn’t really Henry looks so much like my friend Mike from college. How nice to indulge in nostalgia, too.

I should check to see if Mike is on here. Probably not. I think I also forgot how addictive this site could be. Now I have two Internet places to waste time on, and my self-discipline deteriorates by the day.

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