Bristol Stool Scale

OK–we really did talk mostly about the book at Book Club last night! Fella made an extra-special appearance and the pork (the most forbidden of the meats) was a hit. As was the guacamole, unexpectedly. After all, I only added some McCormick spice pack to two avocados (on sale for almost two dollars each–I feel like I was robbed but they were perfect). McCormick is a pretty universal spice pack name, which usually means either bland or salty. The rice I made was, in fact, salty AND al dente. I’m no good at cooking rice. It came out the right color, at least!

We all enjoyed reading Freakonomics and found lots to say. If we didn’t talk completely about the contents of the chapters, it definitely spurred intellectual discussion. As Tom said, we should do nonfiction books more often. The question we kept asking we never really answered: Does morality just boil down to economics? Was that even the point the author was trying to make? Overall, we agreed that the book was far more interesting than important, and that the correlations he made between things like abortion and crime rates, and parents and test scores, were too simple. We did give him credit, however, for admitting that he was just making observations and not trying to explain everything in society. Not one of us mentioned the likelihood of sumo wrestlers cheating. Or worried about getting taken by our real estate agents. The book was sort of uneven in significance in those kinds of ways. It took us til practically the end of the meeting to get onto the topic of the six different kinds of stool. Neither the “ghost” stool nor the “rope” are classified as one of the six. And did you know that the range of normal includes going as frequently as three times a day or as infrequently as once every three days? Anything more often counts as irritable bowel syndrome and anything less often as plain old constipation. Carrie the doctor was the harbinger of this news.

On a related note (harking back to the realtors, not the stool):

The house I’ve been coveting from afar (literally, 1.05 miles away) has dropped in price from a hugely overpriced $950K to a range from $870K to $920K. I got a real life realtor to explain the infuriating phenomenon of housing ranges: the lower value is what the realtor thinks the house should sell for and the upper value is what the owners think the house should sell for. Every time I walk by there’s new information about the house. (It’s been on the market since the beginning of May and the owners must be going crazy!) What is most telling to me is that the owners are a married contractor and interior designer who personally did all the upgrades in the house (it practically says so on the MLS report). I’m sure they think that of course they did the best possible, most beautiful upgrades ever and hate to think of selling the house for less than they deserve. Sure, it’s backyard overlooks Lake Murray, but come on. Lake Murray is hardly Lake Tahoe! The view isn’t that great. It’s a water reservoir. Also, they advertise it as a four bedroom but then they have to admit the fourth bedroom is optional with no closets. $950K! In their dreams. They are a couple years too late to get away with that kind of tomfoolery. The house, therefore, that I am more realistically coveting is in the same neighborhood, adorable front yard, only three bedrooms, and is $590K. I’ll be curious to see who sells first.

Like we’re in any position to move. The thought of it makes me a little sick. Yes, I want another bedroom but I can’t even sort my paperwork or fold the laundry. How could I possible pack and then unpack a house?

Stupid me left a document I am editing on the coffee table next to my water cup. Fella promptly tipped it over. Only one page got really wet and not that much ink ran. It really looks like I’ve bled all over the page now. I ought to just print another copy of that page and redo it, but we haven’t had a printer in an inexcusably long time. Goes along with my story about the new computer I’m supposed to get but have been too lazy and cheap to think about (especially considering that my current one still works). Fella is also good at opening and closing the DVD drawer and messing with the VCR remote. We ended up taping LOST in Spanish. That could be just a plain old crappy VCR problem but I haven’t tested it since. I was sort of amused by the idea of watching LOST in Spanish but then the dubbing got to me. I may have to download the episodes from iTunes (which would also require my new computer) or wait for the second season on DVD. It can’t be that long before the second season comes out, can it?

Fortunately, I have The 4400 to keep me occupied. I’m so annoyed at Netflix! I was expecting the next disc to come in the mail today and it didn’t! Probably just as well–I still have that wet document to work on!

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